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  1. Bestsistent Manager
    I learned a lots of important things, applicable everywhere. Good luck!

Assistant Manager Course

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Do you want to be an efficient Assistant Manager? Take the online course and get your certificate to find a job in your country or abroad.

Why an Assistant Manager Course?

We organize this course because we saw how difficult it’s for graduates to find a job. It’s even more difficult to find a job in the areas that they have been prepared for.

When they enroll to college most of them believe that they will work in multinationals and will have huge wages. When they finish college most of them start job-hunting. After searching for a few months they begin to apply for jobs that have nothing to do with their training – sales representatives, sales consultants, secretaries, assistant managers, call center operators.

Among these, the assistant manager jobs are the most common, practically every company has at least one assistant manager.

Many graduates don’t take into account that the employers want an assistant manager who knows very well what to do from day 1. For them it’s not important if you have knowledge about horticulture, geography or biology.

We prepare graduates so that employers can choose them from hundreds of CV’s they receive. We prepare graduates to become useful from the first day of work.

Enrollment to the  Assistant Manager Course

Registrations are made via the online form (click on the “Take this Course” button on right side of this page).

You can make the payment by PayPal or by credit card. Both payment types are made through PayPal secure site.

After payment you get acces to the course units on the e-learning platform and an introduction e-mail from your instructor.

The schedule of the  Assistant Manager Course

Each student covers the course modules at his own pace.

Where does the Assistant Manager course take place?

Online, using  the e-training platform. You only need a computer with Internet connection.

Assistant manager course certificate

The Assistant Manager Course is divided into the following modules:

About the job (job characteristics, job description, job interview, etc.)

Activities (storing information, phone conversation, proper handling of correspondence, guide for writing business letters, text editing,  protocol activities).




Planning and implementation


Conflict resolution (case studies)

About the online Assistant Manager Course

The course’s theoretical modules and practical exercises are the same with  the ones for the Assistant Manager Course which is held at our office.

The student covers for each module the theoretical material and based on it, he resolves the practical exercises.

 For each exercise the student gets feedback from his instructor. IF he can not finish an exercise he asks for help from his/her instructor.

 At the end of this course, after he resolved successful all the exercises, he gets a graduation certificate.

 The certificate will be sent by post to the address indicated by the student.

Benefits of  participating at Assistant Manager Course

You will acquire in a short time the necessary knowledge for an efficient  assistant manager.

You will receive a graduation certificate in English useful to get a job in your country or abroad.

(For students/masters) You will receive the certificate of practice required by your college.

  • 59 $
  • 1 month
  • Course Certificate
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