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Migrate a WordPress Site to a New Host

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Learn STEP-by-STEP how to migrate a Wordpress site or blog to a new host. You don’t need programming knowledge. Includes both manual and automatic migration steps.

The easy way to move your site!

About the Course

The course consists of theoretical modules and practical exercises.

The student covers for each module the theoretical material and based on it, he resolves the practical exercises.

 For each exercise the student gets feedback from his instructor. If he can not finish an exercise he asks for help from his/her instructor.

 At the end of this course, after he resolved successful all the exercises, he gets a graduation certificate.

 The certificate will be sent to the student.

wordpress online course certificate

How can I sign up to the Migrate a Wordpress Site to a New Host Course ?

Registrations are made via the online form (click on the “Take this Course” button on right side of the page).

You can make the payment by PayPal or by credit card. Both payment types are made through PayPal secure site.

After payment you get acces to the course units on the e-learning platform and an introduction e-mail from your instructor.

The schedule of  the Migrate a Wordpress Site to a New Host  Course

Each student covers  the course units at his/her own pace.

Where does the course take place?

Online, using the e-learning platform.

Benefits of participating  at  Migrate your WordPress Site to a New Host Course

You will acquire knowledge on how to migrate your WordPress site both manually and automatic.

 Experience. You will have created your  first migration (website, files, database).

(For students/masters) You will receive a practice certificate required by your college.

You will receive a graduation certificate in English useful to get  a job in your country or abroad.

  • 19 $
  • 3 months
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