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  1. thx for helpful in wordpress….

  2. Excelent
    Very well structured course, it gets to the point with useful examples and passionate trainer. Congratulations!

  3. A well-structured course for people who are passionate about technology and IT, with explanations and exercises which help you to put courses in practice, even if you learn online.
    Thank you to trainers and I encourage all to attend this course!
    Thank you to all trainers, even if I attend online this course, I’m happy to met you and maybe we’ll meet again for other courses.

  4. This is a useful, well-structured and explained course with more pictures which helped me to understand the lessons. Thank you for this course and I wish you have more trainee.

  5. “This course was very useful and helped me to acquiring basic knowledge in this domain. Thank you!”

Learn Web Design
Level 1 – Beginner

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Course Quick-Info:

Skill Level: Beginner

Language: English

Certificate of completion: Yes – sent to user by email

Requirements: none

Instructor: The instructor has 12 years of IT experience and 8 years of experience in training.

Units: 11

Free / demo units: 1

Want to learn how to build a website from scratch? Enroll to the online Web Design Course with certificate issued by our IT company for getting a job in the country or abroad. This course is for beginners, programming skills are not necessary.

Websites created by our students:

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About the Course

We created this course to train our own staff.

The course’s theoretical modules and practical exercises are the same with  the ones for the Web Design Course – Level 1 which is held at our office.

The student covers for each module the theoretical material and based on it, he resolves the practical exercises.

 Each student will have a “working space” on our server where he/she will create a website during the course.

 For each exercise the student gets feedback from his instructor. IF he can not finish an exercise he asks for help from his/her instructor.

 At the end of this course, after he resolved successful all the exercises, he gets a graduation certificate.

 The certificate will be sent by post to the address indicated by the student.

wordpress online course certificate

What will I learn? The Web Design (build a website) Course’s units:

Unit 1: Techniques to create a website (Part 1) free demo unit
You will learn what are HTML editors, CMS (content management systems), how to choose and buy  a domain and how to choose a hosting company.

Unit 2: Techniques to create a website (Part 2)
You will learn how to login to your server and use cPanel, how to install WordPress on your server and login to your new WordPress Dashboard. You will send to your instructor the title of the site you want to build and your instructor will create a workspace for you on our server. You will use this workspace from now on to build your website and take each step described in the next units.

Unit 3: WordPress (Part 1)
You’ll learn how to create pages, add title and content and publish your pages. You’ll also build your first menu and place it on the website. You’ll add your pages to your menu as items and subitems.

Unit 4: WordPress (Part 2)
You’ll learn how to create, edit, publish and categorize blog articles. also you’ll add your article categories to your menu.

Unit 5: HTML (Part 1)
You’ll learn what are and how to use HTML tags. You’ll edit your pages’ text content using the visual editor and also using HTML. You’ll also learn how to use titles and subtitles.

Unit 6: HTML (Part 2)
Now you’ll add images to your site (using images from your computer and also images on other sites). You’ll create links from your images and also from text content. You’ll then add a video to your site. At the end of this unit you’ll learn how to create a table using HTML tags and add it to your site.

Unit 7: CSS
This unit is dedicated to CSS (cascading style sheets) code. You’ll learn basic CSS syntax and use the codes to change your site’s appearance: colors, alignments, borders, margins, paddings, etc.

Unit 8: WordPress (Part 3)
You’ll start by chagins you site’s settings, the site title and tagline, what the front page displays, RSS feeds, comment settings and permalinks. You’ll learn how to import and export site content. You’ll know what type of users you can create, the differences between them and practice by creating a second user for your site.

Unit 9: WordPress (Part 4)
In this unit we’ll work on your site’s appearance. You’ll change your site’s theme to one that is better suited and you’ll edit your sidebars using the widgets.

Unit 10: WordPress (Part 5)
You’ll learn what are and how to use plugins to enhance your site. You’ll also learn the use of shortcodes. You’ll add a contact form to your website’s contact page. How to personalize your contact form and the email you receive when a user fills it in. You’ll add social media to your site (Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.). You will also add image galleries to your pages and sidebars.

Unit 11: SEO – Search Engine Optimization
In this final unit you’ll learn how to optimize your website for search engines. You’ll see what are the on page optimization steps to take and also the off page optimizations. At the end you’ll send your finished website to your instructor for evaluation and you’ll send your address so we can issue and post your certificate.

How do I sign up to the Web Design Course ?

Registrations are made via the online form (click on the “Take this Course” button on right side of the page).

You can make the payment by PayPal or by credit card. Both payment types are made through PayPal secure site.

After payment you get acces to the course units on the e-learning platform and an introduction e-mail from your instructor.

The schedule of  the Web Design Course

Each student covers  the course units at his/her own pace.

Where does the course take place?

Online, using the e-learning platform and the personal “work space” on our server which will be created for you.

Why should I participate? Benefits by participating  at  Web Design Course

You will acquire knowledge of HTML, CSS3, WordPress and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Experience. You will have created your  first website.

(For students/masters) You will receive a practice certificate required by your college.

You will receive a graduation certificate in English useful to get  a job in your country or abroad.

  • 79 $ 15 $
  • 2 months
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