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Free SEO Tools: Analyze your site & get your score

Here are the free SEO (search ngine optimization) we use to analyze our sites. They are in no particular order.

1. http://seositecheckup.com

seo - search engine optimization

The good:

  • you see a full report for the SEO of your site
  • you receive a score between 0 and 100
  • very user friendly, good visuals
  • report has 5 chapters: common seo, speed, server & security, mobile usability, social media
  • for each point you see “passed”  or “needs to be fixed” and how to fix it

The bad: nothing


2. https://www.lipperhey.com/en/

free seo analytics get score

The good:

  • visually pleasant
  • for each point you see the impact on search engines: low, medium, high
  • for each point you see the situation of your site: very, good, ok or bad and how to improve
  • report has 5 chapters: visitors, indexability, hosting, design, on-page seo
  • your site gets a score between 0 and 100

The bad: nothing


3. http://www.site-analyzer.com/

websit seo score - analytics

The good:

  • visually pleasant, but not as much as the 2 above
  • you see an overview with a general score and 5 chapters with details regarding:  accessibility, design, texts, multimedia, networking
  • you get a score between 0 and 100%
  • for each point you see passed or needs to be improved and tips on how to improve

The bad: nothing really


4. https://goingup.com/analyzer/


The good:

  • the report has 6 chapters: diagnosis, HTML, domain, backlinks, pages, ranking, social
  • reports some issues that the others don’t
  • concise


The bad:

  • not as visually nice as the others above (by far)
  • doesn’t give an overall score


5. http://freeseoscorecard.com/

free seo scorecard

The good:

  • gives an overall score to your site
  • concise


The bad:

  • visually the above are better
  • this report has less points than the others


6. http://upcity.com/free-tools/seo-report-card

free seo report card

The good:

  • you get an overall score between 0 and 100
  • visually nice
  • although some things are missing (see the bad) there are also things that are only mentioned in this report
  • focuses also on search engines, selected keywords and competitors


The bad:

  • some points that the others report on are missing here
  • doesn’t give hints on how to improve the site


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