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Upon interviewing people to hire for our web development company, we saw that there is a hue gap between the University and the business needs. So now we organize online courses for all those who want to develop themselves. The feedback from our students was excellent from the very beginning so we will continue developing new courses and updating our current courses according to the student’ requests. I invite you to meet our team…


I started to teach computer science classes in 2008 as a compulsory University activity during my PhD. I liked it so here I am.During my (not enough) free time I like to travel (a lot), read, watch good movies and take long walks. ani

I’m organized and reliable. I believe things should be done properly and on time.On my free time I like to cook, solve crosswords puzzles and watch reality television series’.

I’m patient and detail oriented.I am curious and interested in everything technical. I like to repair stuff like computers, TVs, phones, watches etc.

I enjoy gardening and watching asian TV series.


I’m a web enthusiast, I like new technologies and playing with them.On my free time I practice biking, swimming, soccer, and other sports.

I enjoy watching movies and TV series on rainy days.


I am an active person, which is why I prefer to occupy my free time taking tasks and not wasting time watching TV or sleeping too much.I became passionate about HTML and CSS, mostly everything about web design.

I am creative, sociable, I like to joke and laugh (on good jokes).


I like long walks. Furthermore I like to see new places, to discover the beauty that nature offers us.I love all seasons. Each comes with something special that I find myself in and leads me to “search” to know more around me.

Vlad G
I am an open person, always willing to learn new things and are attracted to those projects that always appear around me and represent a real challenge.Also I do not neglect any weekend football match with my colleagues. roxi

I am sociable, communicative and I like to spend time with my friends.I like team work, good coordination and communication between colleagues so we can create and develop our product efficiently.

I am a quiet, curious, orderly and fair person.I love traveling, listening to music and discovering new things.

I love animals especially cats.


1960-1990 years music enthusiast,

I like discovering new cultures and new places, too.

Traveling, but also cooking are the things that make me happy. In addition, I like to communicate, to smile and inspire in any possible way people around me every single day.

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